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Gold (Au) is known as the king of metals. Gold has a specific gravity of 19.32 cm3 and an atomic weight of 196.966569 which puts it between platinum and mercury on the periodic table. Gold is not the rarest non radioactive metal found in nature in spite of popular belief, iridium holds that title. Gold's malleability makes it highly desirable for jewelry and its electrical properties make it perfect for use in electronics and computer components, which puts a higher demand on gold and therefore makes it more valuable.

Most jewelry is not made from pure gold because in its pure form it is far too soft to be practical. Most jewelry is made of gold alloyed with other metals including tin, copper, brass and silver. The gold industry denotes this in Karats. For instance, 10kt gold is roughly 40% gold and 60% "other metals" or 10 parts gold and 14 parts "other metals". It is important to remember that gold is purchased based on actual gold content and not just by weight alone.

8kt = 33.3% plumb (1/3)
10kt = 41.7% plumb (5/12)
14kt = 58.5% plumb (7/12)
18kt = 75.0 % plumb (3/4)
22kt = 91.6% plumb (11/12)
24kt = 99.9% plumb (1)

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